Why Men Seem To Effortlessly Sign Clients and Make Money Online While Most Women Doubt Themselves And Struggle To Get Their First Paying Client.

And how you can get your first and next client in as little as 6 weeks... even if you don't know how to get started (and without paying for ads)!

The TRUTH About How Every Woman With A Service-Based Online Business Can Get Her First Client And Start Making Money Today!

Even if you feel like an imposter and are sabotaging your own success..

… because you don’t feel like an expert at anything and are totally overwhelmed where to start.

You've fallen in love with the idea of running your own online business, managing your own time, making money while travelling the world BUT now, a few weeks and months in (and too many late nights stuck behind your laptop) it's DAWNING on you that you're not sure how to get your first client.

Or what it is exactly that you want to do in your business and you're wondering "Am I doing the right thing...?"

You compare yourself to all these successful people online that are hitting $10K+ months easily. And you start to THINK that "Maybe I'm not cut out for this… ?!"

​But wait...... the reason you're feeling like this is because you're using the same approach that didn't get you the results in the first place. And that's the ONLY reason why you're getting the same unsatisfying results now (not because you are not cut out for this).

>> What You Need Is A NEW Approach (anyone can use to get clients).

Because here’s the #1 mistake women 

with a service-based online business make... 

and how YOU can avoid it!

Most women (myself INCLUDED) start with their PASSION and PURPOSE first.

And then they try and figure out what they want to do exactly, who their audience really is and what the right offer should be - all from sitting behind their desk (which is not where you find the answers you're looking for).

The REALITY is, in business...

Passion and Purpose are NOT enough

To Get You Clients And Make Any Income.

Having passion and purpose is important, yes, for sure!

BUT ...

it's not enough to pay your bills (and I'm speaking from experience). 

The TRUTH is: Your business is doomed to FAIL if you're doing it this way round (most women go out of business because they use the wrong approach).

You're missing one important business ingredient!

Maybe you can relate to this... but when I started my business trying to get my first clientI sat in front of my laptop, day in, day out, at my desk (or in a cafe, racking up bills for smoothies and coconut lattes I couldn't afford) trying to find my purpose and then build a business around it I felt truly passionate about.

I "searched" through hundreds of ideas trying to find my purpose. 

But the problem was nothing felt 100% like my purpose. And so I sabotaged my own success >> And jumped to a different business idea only for the same scenario to happen again.

And then I got scared...

"What if I can't find my purpose? What if I'm the only one without a purpose?"


Maybe I wasn't supposed to start a business and create that freedom lifestyle for myself that I want so badly?


And then I remembered something...

from working in some of London's top advertising agencies for 10 years in a male dominated environment - pretty much as the only female:

​​I remembered the one thing men didn't do.

Men don't start with passion OR purpose to get clients or make money online - but they do one crucial thing differently - and that fascinated me.

Suddenly I knew where I had been going wrong...


And it shifted everything in my business... for my clients and myself.

In my course THE CLIENT ATTRACTION FUNNEL - A 6-Week Step-by-step roadmap I go deeper into it but let me explain it like this:


Women often go wrong because they start in the wrong places with passion and purpose.

Men often succeed because they start in a different place AND THEN they find passion in the results they get (aka. the clients they get and the money they make) and let that becomes their PURPOSE.

Which means ANYONE can get paying clients with this approach that I am teaching in the course.

Here’s exactly how I help you with this in the THE CLIENT ATTRACTION FUNNEL to get your first and next client:

  • How to decide on the right idea for your business - even if you don't know exactly what it is you want to do yet.
  • Mindset of success - How to reprogram your brain with one simple tool to unlock the success you want.
  • Set wildly important goals - I show you a simple method how to set goals the right way and how to achieve them.
  • Picking your audience - Why many people fail finding the RIGHT audience for them and how not to be one of them.
  • How to create your SIGNATURE offer AND the other two secret offers you'll need to have BUT nobody talks about.
  • How to master the sales conversation - And learn how you can turn any client into a paying client (even as a complete beginner with my exact script)!
  • Copy my super simple sales funnel - Websites no longer work and why a (free!) funnel will help you drive sales more consistently, even if you're not techy.
  • How to come up with marketing angles that go against the grain but get attention - guaranteed.
  • How to market yourself using the exact (free) Facebook strategy I used to hit my first $5K month.

And more!

What my clients say:

Who Am I?

My name is Kristin Brause, freedom lifestyle lover, business coach, coconut addict and former business struggler.

For over 10 years I worked in some of London’s top advertising agencies (as well as Stockholm, Berlin, Hamburg, and New York) creating digital marketing campaigns to help global brands market their products with creative strategies.


I won awards for my work and loved every minute of my job. I helped brands reach the right audience with the right message and helped sell millions worth of products.

I Know In Business Passion And Purpose Is Not Enough.

That's why I want to offer struggling women a way to get their first client by teaching them a different way that I learnt from working for global brands alongside men for nearly a decade.

Now I’m bringing all my expertise together in my 6-week step-by-step master online course, THE CLIENT ATTRACTION FUNNEL.

The same way I successfully helped global brands build campaigns around their USP (unique selling proposition) I now help ambitious service-based female entrepreneurs to find their USP (unique SuperPower) and build their heart-centered business around it so that you start attracting clients with confidence, make money and love showing up every day.


My clients experience clarity after just one session and one of my clients attracted 11 new coaching client to her business after taking her through the Client Attraction Funnel strategy.

And I would love to help YOU because...

The longer you try and get clients with the old approach, the quicker you'll burn through your finances!

Which means you’re having to dig deeper and deeper into your savings without knowing when or if you're able to make money.


  • How different your life and business could be 6 weeks from now...
  • How much you could transform your bank account if you start to make money online... 
  • How confident you would feel knowing how to get your first and next client...

... with the right roadmap and a proven strategy, at the fraction of the cost if would take you to hire a coach.

Get it now, at the lowest price it will ever be ...

(and get lifetime access to future updates)

Discounted price instead USD$5K For 1:1 Coaching

For Only USD$697!

(one-off payment)

*special offer - CLIENT ATTRACTION FUNNEL Bundle*

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Get the CLIENT ATTRACTION FUNNEL course + 3x 30 min 1:1 coaching calls together and feel totally supported.

During these 30min calls you can ask me anything in regards to the training and how it applies to your business so that you know you're making the right decisions.

Both together, for only USD$997!

(one-off payment)

Cheaper than hiring a coach!

With love, from Bali

Kris x

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