3 Proven Ways To Make Your E-Com Brand Stand Out

Whether you’re a new e-com brand or have been running your e-com brand for a while – waking up to orders for your store, every day, is every e-com brand owners dream. But the problem is you don’t know how to get more orders for your e-com brand without paying for ads (maybe you already paid for ads but it only left you feeling like a waste of money).

You’ve watched hours of YouTube videos and followed people’s advice but you’re at a point where you don’t know how to push yourself harder to generate more sales. 

Here’s the painful truth… 

somebody out there is selling a similar product to yours, making a profit, right? 

So it’s not the product you’re selling that’s not working, it’s that people don’t know WHY they should buy from your store.

Because, when you don’t know what makes your brand different, people don’t know why they should buy from you.

Here are 3 proven ways to make your e-com brand stand out without spending money on ads.

1. Find your USP

Successful brands have one thing in common: they know their USP (unique selling proposition).

Think of your USP as the foundation your brand is built on. Before you can scale your brand, you need to make sure your foundation is rock solid. Because you can only scale your brand up as big as your foundation goes deep.

How to find your USP for your e-com brand

Ask yourself what makes your product different? 

Why should customers come to you? 

Why should people buy from your store over another? 

For example, my USP is that I have worked for global brands in London for over 10 years, helping them find their USP and generate millions worth of sales (I even won awards for my work).

My obsession for brands started when I was 5 years old because I was born in East Germany where we didn’t have brands.

Ever since I’ve worked with brands in the online space, helping them scale their brand on social media and I know that if you know your USP, you can scale your brands with a small (or no) budget. Whereas a brand without a USP will spend endless amounts of money on ads and you still won’t see a return. Does that make sense?

Here are two examples of brands I helped do just that. 

First I helped then fix their USP and then I helped them scale up their stores organically on Instagram without spending money on ads!!

Example 1 – Returning customer rate up by 129% after we added the USP.

Example 2 – Sales went up by 208% after we added the USP.

So today I want you to find a unique positioning for your product (USP).

Think what makes your product different? 

But now the next BIG question is: How do you get influencers and customers to care about it enough to buy your product or to work with you?

2. Make your USP relevant to the customers of your e-com brand

It’s one thing to know your USP but it’s another to make people care about it.

How do you make people care about your USP?

Ask yourself, 

how does my USP help them

What is in it for them? 

Why would they care about this? 

What do I know about my audience that I know this is what they want?

And why is that important to them?

How does your USP (unique selling proposition) connects back to what your customers want?

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you’re selling magnetic eyelashes. 

Your USP is that the clip-on really fast, much faster than ordinary non-magnetic ones. 

So the benefit of that is that you’re saving a lot of time. 

Now you want to think about which audience would care about this? 

Flight attendants who already need to get up super early to catch their flight and who would happily save a few minutes in the morning?

Models, that run from casting to casting getting changed in a cab? 

Busy working mums who are in between dropping off the kids before starting a shift as a shop assistant? 

Mums who need to get the kids ready in the morning as well as themselves but don’t want to sacrifice their looks? 

Just to name a few that come to mind…

Can you see how powerful it is to connect your USP to something your customers want?

It’s not enough to just let people know about your USP. You need to connect it to what your customers want.

The magic formula is to make the right people care about your brand is:

USP + connected to what your customers want

How can you connect your USP to what your audience wants?

And how do you now build your brand on social to get in front of those influencers?

I’ll share with you the biggest mistake NOT so read on.

3. Don’t use Instagram as a dumping ground for your products

This is a big mistake I see lots of new e-commerce brands make.

Do NOT use your Instagram as a big dumping ground for your products posting packshot after packshot.

I know you’re hoping to generate sales with your post. But if you only post your product after another,  you’ll end up with your Instagram profile full of product shots.

Here’s why this is extremely damaging for your brand:

Social media is a place for inspiration.

People don’t come to social media to buy, they come to get inspired. 

To find the people, brands and products they resonate with.

But they don’t like to feel sold to.

What to post to inspire your customers

Show how your product fits into her life.

This is called the art of storytelling and you can tell a story in many ways other than just with a packshot of your product.

Ask yourself, 

how would my product fit into my influencers life?

How would my product fit into my consumers’ life?

How would they use it?

The aim for you is to build your brand on social media by making people see themselves using your product.

And here’s a little secret but that’s when you’re crossing the “invisible line” when people take ownership and start promoting your brand for you.

Because they see themselves in your product, they are proud to use it, because the USP speaks to them, it answers their need, it solves a problem in their lives, do you know what I mean?

That’s when influencers love to promote your product when they spend a little extra time and creativity to craft their promo story and their audience can feel that too.

If you need help with your e-com brand then let me help you identify exactly what is stopping you from reaching that next level. Book yourself in for a FREE 15minute Brand Audit with me (only a few spots open). Click on the link to see what times I have available.

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