How To Get Your First Client And Start Making Money In Your Online Business

I know that all you want is to get your first client so that you can start making money in your online business and build a business you love, right?

If you’re not quite sure who your ideal client is and how to attract them to your business then read on, because in this blog post I’m going to share with you the ONE thing you need clarity on to attract your first clients.

Plus, the steps that I outline in this blog post are the same I used to I sign my first high-ticket client literally overnight, without a fully flashed out offer, a website, a package or a price for my package.

My client signed because I did ONE important thing, which I am going to share with you now.

The good news is:

There are plenty of potential clients out there looking for YOUR help right now but you’ve got to give them a reason to work with you.


What are you really good at and how can you use that in your business to help your clients? What’s that ONE thing you love talking about or solving for people?

The clearer you are on your own strengths, the more sold you are on yourself.

And when you are sold on yourself you feel confident to get visible where your clients hang out on social media.

Because when you do what you LOVE you’ll attract clients that LOVE what you do.

For example, my strength is to help my clients find their strengths, or USP – Unique SuperPower as I like to call it, and help them use it to attract their first and next clients online. And this is what makes all the difference.

Think about your USP (Unique SuperPower).

Are you currently clearly communicating what your strengths is in your message to your client?

If not, you may want to take my free 5-day Nail Your Message challenge.

How I Helped My Client Become The Expert And Get 11 New Clients In 6 Weeks

My client was already attracting clients but many of them weren’t the right ones, leaving her feeling drained and not enjoying showing up in her business.

She had no clarity around who her ideal client really was although she had been in business for a while. And because she was already serving clients it was hard for her to make changes.

I helped her figure out her strength and made her see what she was the expert in. Then we created content and freebies around it and set up her email list. We then aligned the right clients who needed her zone of genius-service and cut lose of all of those who just didn’t fit in to her expertise. Within 6 weeks she booked 11 new clients and has now become the expert in her field killing it.

And because she is now truly aligned with what she wants to do she is super happy and LOVES showing up in her business.

Do you need help figuring out why your message is not attracting clients?

The One Mistake Most Service-Based Female Entrepreneurs Make When Trying To Get Their First Client

Most female entrepreneurs try to define their ideal client before they have clarity on the problem they’re solving.

Now that you know your strengths ask yourself: “What problem is that solving and who benefits from that?”

For example:

My strength is to help my clients find their strengths, their USP.

The problem that is solving is a business problem.

Who benefits from that? Women struggling to attract their first or next client to their online business.

Get clear on your strengths and the problem you’re solving so that who you’re solving it for becomes clear as a result of it.

The more you play to your strength, the more confident you are, the easier it will be to attract paying clients to you.

I’d love to know what you’re the expert in. Let me know in the comments below.

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How To Write The Perfect Message For Your Business

You’re probably wondering how to write the perfect message for your business? When I first started my business I believed I had to give people what they ‘wanted’.

I was chasing my audience with a message I thought they wanted to hear, instead of attracting them to me with a message that was perfect for my business.

And because everyone wanted ‘to hear’ something different I kept changing my message, which not only confused my audience but also myself.

After I changed my message about 50 times… I STOPPED chasing and asked myself:

What am I good at?

Which are my strengths?

What is my USP (unique SuperPower as I like to call it)

When I started from a place of me, how to write the perfect message became clear.

And when I centered my message around my SuperPower my audience became clear, too.

Now I help all my clients find their SuperPower and get their first and next client in less than 6 weeks.

How to write the perfect message for your business

What comes first, message or audience? NEITHER!

Here’s why:

It doesn’t matter if you know who your audience is exactly before you start with your message because when you start from a place of you, your audience will become.


Figure out your strengths, your USP (Unique SuperPower as I like to call it).

Then craft your message around it.

Then figure out who your audience is that needs your help.

One of my clients was attracting clients but not the ones she wanted to work with.

So before we fixed her message or her audience we had to pull back and get clarity on her expertise first. Then we fixed her message and her audience became crystal clear.

I use a super simple 3 step process to help my clients identify their strengths and reflect it in their message so that they start attracting clients and start making money in their business.

How to write the perfect message for your business to attract the clients you want (And why you won’t if you don’t ask these questions)

To write the perfect message for my business you need to ask 3 questions (but most women stop after 2, leaving out the most important question).

Here are the 3 questions you need to use if you want your message to attract your first or next client:

Question 1:

What is it? What is the problem you’re solving exactly?

Question 2:

How does it work? How exactly do you do it?


But if you want to truly connect with your potential clients you MUST ask yourself this one also:

Question 3:

WHY WOULD YOUR CLIENT CARE? What’s the result your clients are getting?

You need to understand what that means for your clients emotionally. What benefit does it ‘translate’ into that is relevant for your clients, that hits their heartstrings, fear or pains?

The more you make your message about THEM, leading with the emotional benefit they care about, the more desirable you’re message becomes to work with you.

Don’t just tell them what they are getting but WHY this is important for them.


Your client is not after your service but after a better future, your service brings.

Are you aware of that?

Get clear on what it is your clients want and then paint a picture of that future for them.

Don’t just sell your service, sell the benefit your service gets them. The clearer you can paint the picture for your audience, the easier it is to attract your paying first client to you.

What transformation do you offer to help your client gets to their desired future?

Here’s what I do to help my clients visualise where they could be with my help.

I call it the ‘Future Formula’:

I help A (your Audience)__________________ get D (their Desire) ________________

so that they F ____________ (paint the picture of their Future).

Here’s my ‘Future-Formula’ example:

I help heart-centered service based female entrepreneurs (A) get their first and next client (D) so that they can start to make money in their online business and build a business they LOVE (F).

Don’t just say I help my A get D. Sell F, the Future.

How To Write The Perfect Message For Your Business By Adding Some F To Get Your Clients Attention

Ok, let’s do it.

Apply the ‘Future Formula’ to your message to paint the picture for your clients:

I help A (your Audience)__________________ get D (their Desire) ________________

so that they F ____________ (paint the picture of their Future).

What’s your F post? Share it with us in my Facebook group.

I am so excited to see your posts already because I know for sure that this is one of the first and most important steps to getting your first client ❤️.

WHY YOUR CLIENTS DON’T HAVE MONEY TO INVEST IN YOU (the REAL reason they SAY they don’t have money)

I know you think that your audience has no money to invest in you and that this is the reason why you’re not making money in your online business yet.


the real reason your clients aren’t buying from you is that your message is lacking clarity on the problem you’re solving for them and the results you help your clients get.

It’s not that your audience doesn’t have the money, you see?

They don’t see WHY they should invest in you.

I hear service-based female entrepreneurs say this all the time “My audience is not ready to invest yet” or “My audience is a difficult one because they don’t have any money.”


plenty of people ARE making money with your exact audience.

SO… it’s not that YOUR audience doesn’t have the money – it’s just that YOUR message doesn’t speak to your audience that makes them see that you have a solution to their problem.

ALL your clients care about is if you can solve their problem. That’s the real reason your clients will ever invest.

And I know, that right now, your message is the only thing standing between you and your first or next client. Because I know that with the right message you will attract clients that want to invest in you.

Let me help you identify what’s stopping you from attracting clients to your online business in a free 5 day Nail Your Message challenge.

Not only will I help you figure out what that ‘missing piece’ is from your message that might be stopping your clients from reaching out to you but I also give you your next step so that you know exactly what to do and walk away with lots of clarity.

I’m curious to hear your experience around this topic. Have clients told you before that they have no money to invest in you and what did you say to them? Leave a comment below.

Have a successful day, Kris x