How To Get Your First Client And Start Making Money In Your Online Business

I know that all you want is to get your first client so that you can start making money in your online business and build a business you love, right?

If you’re not quite sure who your ideal client is and how to attract them to your business then read on, because in this blog post I’m going to share with you the ONE thing you need clarity on to attract your first clients.

Plus, the steps that I outline in this blog post are the same I used to I sign my first high-ticket client literally overnight, without a fully flashed out offer, a website, a package or a price for my package.

My client signed because I did ONE important thing, which I am going to share with you now.

The good news is:

There are plenty of potential clients out there looking for YOUR help right now but you’ve got to give them a reason to work with you.


What are you really good at and how can you use that in your business to help your clients? What’s that ONE thing you love talking about or solving for people?

The clearer you are on your own strengths, the more sold you are on yourself.

And when you are sold on yourself you feel confident to get visible where your clients hang out on social media.

Because when you do what you LOVE you’ll attract clients that LOVE what you do.

For example, my strength is to help my clients find their strengths, or USP – Unique SuperPower as I like to call it, and help them use it to attract their first and next clients online. And this is what makes all the difference.

Think about your USP (Unique SuperPower).

Are you currently clearly communicating what your strengths is in your message to your client?

If not, you may want to take my free 5-day Nail Your Message challenge.

How I Helped My Client Become The Expert And Get 11 New Clients In 6 Weeks

My client was already attracting clients but many of them weren’t the right ones, leaving her feeling drained and not enjoying showing up in her business.

She had no clarity around who her ideal client really was although she had been in business for a while. And because she was already serving clients it was hard for her to make changes.

I helped her figure out her strength and made her see what she was the expert in. Then we created content and freebies around it and set up her email list. We then aligned the right clients who needed her zone of genius-service and cut lose of all of those who just didn’t fit in to her expertise. Within 6 weeks she booked 11 new clients and has now become the expert in her field killing it.

And because she is now truly aligned with what she wants to do she is super happy and LOVES showing up in her business.

Do you need help figuring out why your message is not attracting clients?

The One Mistake Most Service-Based Female Entrepreneurs Make When Trying To Get Their First Client

Most female entrepreneurs try to define their ideal client before they have clarity on the problem they’re solving.

Now that you know your strengths ask yourself: “What problem is that solving and who benefits from that?”

For example:

My strength is to help my clients find their strengths, their USP.

The problem that is solving is a business problem.

Who benefits from that? Women struggling to attract their first or next client to their online business.

Get clear on your strengths and the problem you’re solving so that who you’re solving it for becomes clear as a result of it.

The more you play to your strength, the more confident you are, the easier it will be to attract paying clients to you.

I’d love to know what you’re the expert in. Let me know in the comments below.

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