For Women with Service-based Online Businesses

5 Easy daily challenges to nail your message 

Unclear what your message needs to say to attract your first and next clients to your online business?

Is Your Message Falling On Deaf Ears?

Do you feel overwhelmed because you don’t know what to say in your message that sums up what you do in your online business?


Are you unclear on how to attract the people you'd love to work with to your message?


Do you get the confused looks on people’s faces when you try to explain what you do and need 10+ sentences and they still don't get it?

All you want is a clear message,

that sums up what you do, that speaks to the right audience so that your ideal clients reach out to work with you.

Because you know that when your message isn’t clear, your clients aren’t clear why they should work with you.

And that has be a real deal breaker for you so far because you find yourself avoiding telling people about your business because you just don’t know how to say what you do in one clear sentence.


Your message is the foundation of your business and you know you need it to attract clients to you.

If you’re not attracting clients to your business then you're probably mission 1 or more of those 3 KEY things from your message:

  1. You don’t know exactly what PROBLEM you’re solving (maybe you can’t decide on one problem).

  2. You don’t know who your IDEAL AUDIENCE is you want to attract.

  3. You’re struggling to communicate what the VALUE of your service is and why your clients should care about it.

Or all 3 of them?

Then check out my FREE easy DIY online course to help you nail your message in 5 days.

In this “Nail Your Message Challenge” I’ll walk you through my 5-step process to help you:

  • Get clarity on the problem you solve (the biggest stopper for most female entrepreneurs to attract clients online).
  • Get clarity on who your ideal client really is and what they need to hear from you the most (not what you think they need).
  • Communicate what you do in 1 clear sentence  (not 10)  so that the right people know WHY they should book a call with you...

 You'll get:

 5x Training Videos Sent Straight To Your Email Inbox Over 5 Days 

+ PLUS Your Own Personal Worksheet

Here's what happy clients say who took this challenge:

Price: FREE


If you need support as you go through the challenge you can get an additional 30-min coaching call with me. Click here

Price: FREE

With love,

Kris from Bali x

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