WHY YOUR CLIENTS DON’T HAVE MONEY TO INVEST IN YOU (the REAL reason they SAY they don’t have money)

I know you think that your audience has no money to invest in you and that this is the reason why you’re not making money in your online business yet.


the real reason your clients aren’t buying from you is that your message is lacking clarity on the problem you’re solving for them and the results you help your clients get.

It’s not that your audience doesn’t have the money, you see?

They don’t see WHY they should invest in you.

I hear service-based female entrepreneurs say this all the time “My audience is not ready to invest yet” or “My audience is a difficult one because they don’t have any money.”


plenty of people ARE making money with your exact audience.

SO… it’s not that YOUR audience doesn’t have the money – it’s just that YOUR message doesn’t speak to your audience that makes them see that you have a solution to their problem.

ALL your clients care about is if you can solve their problem. That’s the real reason your clients will ever invest.

And I know, that right now, your message is the only thing standing between you and your first or next client. Because I know that with the right message you will attract clients that want to invest in you.

Let me help you identify what’s stopping you from attracting clients to your online business in a free 5 day Nail Your Message challenge.

Not only will I help you figure out what that ‘missing piece’ is from your message that might be stopping your clients from reaching out to you but I also give you your next step so that you know exactly what to do and walk away with lots of clarity.

I’m curious to hear your experience around this topic. Have clients told you before that they have no money to invest in you and what did you say to them? Leave a comment below.

Have a successful day, Kris x

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